Eyelash Extensions Fort Myers

Eyelash Extensions Fort Myers

Women wear and use makeup products to enhance their features or enjoy the beauty of creativity. Beauty and makeup are essential when you may have to snap a random photo that could likely end up on Instagram. Eyelash extensions are an easily maintainable beauty treatment because they exemplify your eyes and make your face stand out on camera.

How much do eyelashes cost in Fort Myers? They have a lot of value in the beauty industry. Eyelash extensions are some of the best beauty innovations and a trend that is unlikely to fade any time soon. We anticipate that these lashes will continue to shape the beauty industry because people love how they dramatically change their faces and add a dash of youthfulness.

Options for eyelash extensions

Lash extensions are individual lashes that you apply on the lash line to give a natural effect. We can apply them in clusters or individuals, depending on the chosen lash design. Brazilian Silhouette offers many different lash options, which we can discuss to get an idea of what you prefer. We will also consider the eyelash extensions according to the following factors:

  • Eye shape
  • Size of your eye
  • Shape of eyelids
  • The eye orientation
  • Quality of eyelashes
  • Your design preference, such as soft or dramatic
  • Tolerance level and maintenance routine

Types of eyelashes


Mink lashes have fur material and give the most natural look. They are lightweight and fluffy; hence easily mimic the natural eyelash appeal.


Sable is lighter and fluffier than mink and more suitable for people with light natural lashes. We do not recommend mink or sable if you have an allergy to animals.

Fox fur

Fox fur extensions are soft, lightweight, and natural-looking. They are popular because you can get the same effect with their artificial alternative.


These lashes are the easiest to maintain and tend to be the least expensive. The good news is that artificial lashes have come a long way; hence you can always get the natural appeal with the right length and volume.


These lashes are heavy and the least natural-looking. Some people prefer synthetic lashes for short-term wear because they usually wear down on the eyelids.

Volume options for eyelashes

Voluminous lashes generally look good on natural material lashes. You can choose 6D, 5D, 4D, 3D, or 2D for a more luscious or dramatic look. The 2-6 ultra-lightweight lashes mimic your natural lashes and, therefore, best if you want a laidback and traditional appeal.

Length and curl options

Lash extensions have different lengths, from 9mm to 15mm. We will recommend the length according to the length and thickness of your lashes. Usually, people with sparse or weak lashes should have shorter lashes, while the opposite is true.

The curl type determines how the lashes will look on your eye. Curl type ‘A’ has a natural look, while curl type ‘C’ is the more dramatic. Do you need an esthetician license to do eyelash extensions in Florida? The bottom line of choosing lashes is to find a salon that will carefully vet your eyes while considering your preference. Book an appointment online to secure a consultation date and call 239-344-9006 to clarify how much lash extensions should cost and what brand of eyelash extensions are the best.


Eyelash Extensions Fort Myers