Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation

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Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation

Carus Recovery is a highly acclaimed Los Angeles drug rehabilitation facility with the best detox and residential treatment programs. We use evidence-based therapies and holistic treatments to help our clients get clean. Here are some common types of addictions we treat at our detox and rehab center:

  • Alcohol

Alcoholism is one of the most common addictions in America. Our team addresses it via medications, evidence-based therapies, and experiential treatments. Our treatment program begins by guiding the former user through a safe and customized medical detox, followed by counseling and inpatient addiction treatment in LA. The treatment's length can vary depending upon your severity of addiction and the co-occurring mental health problems. We are one of the best rehab centers in LA, CA, for alcohol addiction.

  • Marijuana

We help hundreds of patients battling marijuana addiction break free from their destructive behavioral patterns via personalized recovery plans. We conduct a comprehensive medical and psychiatric screening during intake and create a treatment plan that best fits each recovering addicts’ needs and goals. We then guide former marijuana users through detox and counseling to prepare them physically and mentally for sobriety. In addition to the conventional therapies, we engage our clients in music and art therapy, yoga, and family therapy to help them cope with past trauma and fight off their harmful thoughts and emotions.

  • Opiates

Doctors prescribe opioids to treat chronic pain in patients due to their calming properties. Unfortunately, opioids have a high rate of abuse due to their intensely calming effects. Opiate addiction often stems from an underlying disorder like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or physical health ailments. Rated as the best Los Angeles drug and alcohol rehab for dual diagnosis, we go to great lengths to identify and address the root cause of opiate addiction. We then use a combination of scientific and holistic therapies to help patients achieve comprehensive recovery from their behavioral and psychiatric disorders.

  • Cocaine

We are a specialized inpatient drug rehab center for cocaine addiction. Our clinical team addresses cocaine addiction with medical detox, medications, and evidence-based therapies. We equip our recovering addicts with essential coping skills to help them manage triggers and overcome withdrawal symptoms safely. Our inpatient rehab and after-care programs can optimize your chances of achieving successful recovery from cocaine addiction and stay sober in the long term.

  • Heroin

Rated among the top rehab centers in Los Angeles, California, for heroin addiction, we help patients overcome the intense withdrawal symptoms safely through a personalized medical detox program. Our dedicated team of clinical staff offers around-the-clock medical care and plays a pivotal role in  our clients' recovery. Our inpatient treatment for heroin lasts for 30 – 90 days. During this time, we engage patients in mental health counseling, art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and support group meetings.

Contact us at 888-616-9065 to join the best Los Angeles drug rehabilitation center. Carus Recovery is a reputed drug rehab with state-of-the-art amenities and a friendly staff team. Our integrated treatment approach and personalized care can help you break free from your destructive habits and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Verify your insurance with us today!

Los Angeles Drug Rehabilitation