Brazilian Signature Manicure And Pedicure


How about getting a relaxing and incredible Manicure and Pedicure this week? 💅🏼3 Benefits of getting a Mani & Pedi:

  • 1. Increase blood circulation⠀
    One of the steps in our Manis and Pedis is a relaxing massage of the hands and feet which improves circulation!
    2. Healthy Nails⠀
    The more you get your nails done, the less chances there are of getting infections or fungi from bacteria. We clean and remove dead skin cells so nails can be stronger and healthier!3. Wash the Stress away⠀
    We take good care of your hands and feet during a Mani & Pedi. From a relaxing massage to cleaner and healthier looking cuticles, great-looking nails will make you feel better, and a good attitude means a good day!⠀So what are you waiting for? Call today to make your appointment! We’ll see you soon!